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Mikho Mosulishvili

Mikho Mosulishvili was born in 1962 (tiger’s year), December 10th. In 1986 he has graduated from Tbilisi state university (TSU), geological-geographical faculty on a speciality of the engineer-geologist (specialization: geological shootings, searches and investigation of mineral deposits). And also 1981-1984 He studied as secondary faculty Scriptwriting (creative masterful Erlom Ahvlediani and Davit Agiashvili). Afterwards he worked as a geologist and as a journalist in various newspapers. He published several stories, novels and plays into Georgian language and translated novels of other authors. His plays were performed in Georgia at theaters, on television and on radio. Some of his works have been translated into the English, Germans, Armenian and Russian. 
The physicist Liguri_Mosulishvili was Mikho's uncle; the style of his different thinking had an influence on Mikho Mosulishvili's creativity.
His main works are the picaresque novel Flight Without a tun (Tbilisi, Sulakauri, 2001 and Tb., Gumbati-2007, 2011, second edition). In Georgia they always stated the bestseller lists.
The biographical book of Mikho Mosulishvili Vazha-Pshavela (And Phelypaea coccinea looks in chasm) show new version of life Vazha-Pshavela and unique style of his thinking. The discovery may be regarded as the author's observation that the five epic poems of Vazha-Pshavela ('Aluda Ketelauri' (1888), 'Bakhtrioni' (1892), 'Host and Guest' (1893), 'The avenger of the blood' (1897), 'Snake eater' (1901)) is based on the principle Golden ratio, thus this poems resembles the works of Ancient and Renaissance authors. Miho Mosulishvili asserts, that Vazha-Pshavela rising from the depth of creativity of Georgian mythology, which makes it original event on background of the world's literature and will significantly increase the magnitude of Georgian literature.

Two mottos by Mikho Mosulishvili:
* 'Everything started by a word and a word will end it all.'  
* 'When our depression becomes ironic, then we get sadness, and sadness is just eternity and nothing else matters.'

Miho Mosulishvili
Jesse Russell, Ronald Cohn
Published by Book on Demand, Miami, 2013
ISBN 10: 5514735427 / ISBN 13: 9785514735426

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Honors and Awards

* March 7, 1998 — Cavalier of 'Honor' Medal (Honor Medals are awarded to Georgian citizens who actively participated in the revival of Georgia and devoted themselves to noble deeds). 

* December 28, 1998 - The first prize winner in literary award of Tbilisi city administration, Management of youth affairs and the union of bookfans "Bestseller" for the novel The knight at all times (Tbilisi, Bestseller Publishing, 1999)

* December 29, 2003 — Bendela Cup for documental novel 'Bendela' (Tbilisi, Saari Publishing, 2003, ISBN 99928-39-69-4) and for text of stadium anthem 'Bendela' for the tournament of 'Bendala Cup' (composer Vazha Azarashvili; It is dedicated to Zaza Bendeliani who died heroically in the Abkhazian War)

* 2005 — Second price of the Moscow international literary competition 'Bekar' (literary works about music) in the category 'Jazz and Rock' for short story Backwoods (Russian translation of Maja Biriukova)

* 2006 — A price of the literary competition (Athens)

* December 8, 2007 - Khertvisi (literary prize) for short story  Last Night about the Battle of Didgori (August 12, 1121)

* February 27, 2009 - Kikli-kikli's medal, honorary certificate of children's literary prize for three children's plays ('The Tale of the Stolen New year', 'Cheerful Pistol', 'Theater of Hoopoes').

* October 8, 2011 - Gala (literary prize) winner for biographical book 'Vazha-Pshavela'  in nomination: 'The best reference book of the year' (The best handbook)

* March 20, 2012Award for short story The eighth bullet on Literary competition 'Litbunioba', (The members of the jury: Rezo Cheishvili, Dali Panjikidze, Tamri Pkhakadze, Aka Morchiladze, Misha Ratiani).

* September 14, 2012Win Level: Silver Award for movie-novel Helessa+ synopsis on The Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award (Summit MEA) in Category: Lower Budget.

* December 12, 2012 - Deed of award for play 'Vazha-Pshavela Or Seeing Unknown' on the competition 'New Georgian Play-2012' by 'Tumanishvili Theatre Foundation'  (Members of the jury: Manana Antadze, Manana Anasashvili, Irina Gogoberidze, George Kajrishvili, Nick Tsulukidze).

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