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About the Playwright

About the Playwright

Mikho Mosulishvili was born in 1962, December 10th. In 1986 he has graduated from Tbilisi state university, geological-geographical faculty on a speciality of the engineer-geologist. And also 1981-1984 He studied as secondary faculty Scriptwriting (creative masterful Erlom Ahvlediani and Davit Agiashvili). Afterwards he worked as a geologist and as a journalist in various newspapers. He published several stories, novels and plays into Georgian language. His plays were performed in Georgia at theaters, on television and on radio. Some of his works have been translated into the English, Germans, Armenian and Russian. 

Editional information:

  • Playwright (plays performed at theaters - 12; on TV channels - 2; in the radio - 4)
  • Screenwriter (screenplays - 4)
  • Writer (published books - 20 (plays, novels, short stories, miniatures, translations) 




Plays and Production

Pore Mosulishvili
Two act drama play
By Mikho Mosulishvili, 2016



Laudakia caucasia; Or A Cheerful Psychoanalytic Portrait Of An Angry Century, Created Using The Furniture By Michael Thonet, And Our Tears (tragic farce in two acts, with a new chess rule from the sketch 'The Chess Player' by Friedrich Dürrenmatt), 2013

Tragic Farce / 3 men, 2 women / full length, 2 acts


February 16, 1913 Vienna. 19, Berggasse Street. Anna Schillage, the waitress at the café “Central” and a part-time whore at the hotel “The Diamond” (at nights), sneaks  into Sigmund Freud’s study and attends  the phsycho-analytic séance by Freud with the owner of  “The Diamond” hotel, Irma Sresseli-Weiland. When her presence is revealed, Anna asks for  Siggy’s (Sigmund Freud) and Irma’s help to find out whether she is going to give birth to a lizard from Stavros Papandopoulos, who first came to Anna disguised as a woman,  in a dress and a veil and who  has a webbed foot, like a lizard. 

Unless Anna gets help, she refuses to serve high class clients in the Diamond hotel which will lead to Irma losing a considerable income. In addition, Anna’s lover, painter Dolfie (Adolf Hitler), who lives in a shelter for homeless people, learns about Stavros Papandopulos and intends killing him. 

Promised that he will get 4 kilos of cocaine, imported from Colombia, from Irma, Siggy agrees to hold a psychological séance in the café “Central”, by which he saves not only Anna, but, also, Irma and Dolfie.

All three of them go to “The Central”. The street painter Dolfie also arrives and offers his paintings to Stavros Papandopulos, although it turns out that the latter is Soso (Joseph Jughashvili, alias Stalin). 

Dolfie and Irma point their revolvers at Soso’s temples but Siggy interferes and gives them cocaine balls from his jewlery box. After this, Soso and Dolfie, experiencing halluscinations, start to play a chess game in which each piece on the board represents an actual living person. If the opponent removes a piece of the player, the person it stands for has to be killed in real life before the game can continue. (This “rule” is taken from the records by Friedrich Dürrenmatt “The Chess Player”). The opponents play “The blockade of Leningrad”, “The defence of Stalingrad” and later “The siege of Berlin”. Soso checkmates Dolfie and he is forced to commit suicide.   

Soso is pleased and believes that he is the winner but sees that in 2010 his monument is being torn down with a crane in his home town Gori. Later, he is extremely pleased to see that his statue is put back in its place but he is thoroughly unhappy when his monument is painted red and people demand the dictator’s monument to be pulled down. Dolfie is worried that his home town Bernau does not have a monument to him.  

Finally, by employing the furniture made by Michael Thonet, Siggy creates the psychoanalytical portrait of the XXc, in which he himself is the coatstand, or SUPER-EGO; an ordinary Vienna chair is Dolfie, or ID. Soso is a chair with a knot on its leg, or EGO. Anna is a table, or a conscious part of the scheme whereas Irma is the other table or the subconscious side.  

Unfortunately, Anna Schillage cannot find out whether she will give birth to a lizard, or to an agama (the Caucasian agama or Laudakia caucasia, in Latin), which is wide spread in Soso’s home country.


  1. SOSO - Joseph Jughashvili, Stalin, Bolshevik, publicist, age 34
  2. DOLFIE - Adolf Hitler, an artist from Vienna, age 24
  3. IRMA - Irma Sresseli-Weiland, the owner of the hotel “The Diamond”, age 42
  4. ANNA - Anna Schillage, waitress and a part-time whore at the hotel “The Diamond”, age 27
  5. SIGGY - Sigmund Shlomo Freud, Doctor Psychiatrist, age 57

My Redbreast
(Sorrowfully, very sorrowfully comedy), 2012

Comedy / 3 men, 3 women / comedy in one act


Sopho returns from America, where she had been for the last twelve years, for the death anniversary of her husband. She finds that her school friend, Shoka, is pregnant. Moreover, it turns out that her husband, Chito, had not died. He married Shoka and his tombstone in their yard was just a means of extorting money from Sopho.

The husband, friend and even her son (Toko) had to cheat Sopho to take money from her and pay for the interest for the apartment, which they had put in the bank.

They were alarmed by Sopho's unexpected arrival.

Sopho decides not to go to America, although her son Toko manages to bring to Georgia old Baxter, whom his mother was taking care in the States. He wants his mother to take care of him Georgia, so as not to los money.

Sopho refuses to look after Baxter and makes her family members care for him. Baxter, in this way "punishes" idlers - Chito, Shoka da Toko.

Baxter intends to propose to Sopho, but since she was supporting the idlers. he concludes that she was like them.

In the final scene the persons are close to the Celestial Court. There roles change - Sopho and Baxter care for Chito, Shoka and Toko who are confined to invalid chairs.

Baxter O'Sullivan names Sopho as "My redbreast" and from here occurs play heading.


  • Sopho - Chito's first wife, age 42
  • Chito - The speculator, Valiko Chitorelidze, age 44
  • Shoka - Chito's second wife, age 42
  • Toko - Chito's son, age 27
  • Baxter O'Sullivan - age 69
  • Alice O'Sullivan - daughter of Baxter O'Sullivan, age 35


  • May 17, 2016 — Khulo State Drama Theatre (Georgia), Director Gega Kurtsikidze

  • February 26, 2016 — Vaso Godziashvili Municipal Theatre of Velistsikhe (Georgia), Director Omar Kakabadze

  • July 12, 2013 - Municipal Theatre of Bolnisi (Georgia), Director Zurab Khvedelidze

My Redbreast (Sorrowfully, very sorrowfully comedy), in the plays collection book: 9 Plays VS Violence, 2012, ISBN 978-9941-0-5074-9

Christmas goose with quince (comic thriller in one act), 2010

Comedy-thriller / 3 men, 2 women, 1 horse / comedy in one act

In one ordinary, but got to a big debt, a family of Newlyweds (the husband Michael Danser and the wife Helen Quince) were very lucky, to them the owner of that consortium (Bonifacius) where they work with indecent desire goes the guest for a congratulation of Christmas.
Because of offered a large number of money a young married couple is compelled to serve and will execute all humiliating requirements from his strange guest, the owner of consortium, Gabriel Bonifacius, then because of it when Helen and Michael feel torment oneself, Newlyweds kill Bonifatius.
At this time to newlyweds come Michael's parents, Carlo and Rosalia for a congratulation Chrismas too. When they learn that newlyweds killed Bonifatius, at first they want to hide Helen and Michael, but then start thinking about own wellbeing and begin calls in police. 
But as it becomes clear, the visitor of consortium didn't die, it we live also healthy leaves the refrigerator where murderers hid his sawn parts of a body. It appears that Bonifatius not the person, but it is an angel who asks everything what sometimes to reflect that we do.


* Bonifacius - The owner Bonfatius consortium; it is difficult to guess, how old is he
* Michael Danser - The designer in Bonifatius's consortium, but a painter, age 32
* Helen Quince - The manager of marketing in Bonfatius's consortium, age 30
* Carlo - Michael's father, age 63
* Rosalia - Michael's mother, age 60
* Horse from the TV - The horse a racer, age 3


* December 25, 2009 - Iliauni Theatre, director Guram Bregadze
* Jun 21, 2013 - Rustavi Drama Theatre (Georgia), director Guram Bregadze, choreographer George Margania, designer Lomgul Murusidze

* Bonifacius - Joseph Elizbarashvili
* Michael Danser - David Khakhidze
* Helen Quince - Natia Arbolishvili
* Carlo - George Buadze
* Rosalia - Natia Meladze

Vazha-Pshavela Or Seeing Unknown (The myth-ritual play in one act), 2012

Lysistrata Kallipygos or Army-disbander with the beautiful buttocks (Comedy In-yer-face style in two acts with a golden ratio, that is in the first act eight and in the second - five scenes. Adaptation by Mikho Mosulishvili in 2010 of our era of Lysistrata - a comedy of Aristophanes, which is written 411 year B.C.), 2010

Khapra Beetle And House Mouse
Ttragicomedy-nightmare in one act, with "Wedding and Funeral Orchestra and Goran Bregovich"

Khapra Beetle And House Mouse
Tragicomedy-nightmare in one act, with 'Wedding and Funeral Orchestra and Goran Bregovic'
By Mikho Mosulishvili

Stage director - Omar Kakabadze
Designer - Vladimir Shalashvili
Music adapter - Nugzar Bugadze
Theatre lighting - Soso Sharimanashvili

Gogliko - Zura Razmadze
Miako - Anna Akhoishvili
Eleonora - Natia Giorgadze
Khapra - Savle Turashvili
Nurbubu - Tamuna Khizanishvili
Tsitsi - Ia Tsitsilashvili
Larva - David Beruashvili

Opening night - Saturday, March 18, 2017
Vaso Godziashvili Municipal Theatre of Velistsikhe (Georgia)
Theatre Administrator - Nunu Kardenakhlishvili

KHAPRA - The most important is what we would put to hookah somewhere...

By the lunar day (psychodrama, a monologues in seven episodes), 2010

Weather vane shows direction 'Nowhere' (one act play in thirty-one reversal (episodes) of weather vane), 2010

Dancing with the dead (comic thriller in two acts), 2005
Comedy-Thriller/ 3 Men, 2 Women/ Full length, Two acts

On background permanently proceeding war in the Caucasus, near border mountains is situated hotel ‘Dreamland of Mountains’. This hotel bought two married couple:  Boa (wife) and Davy (husband);  Lily (wife) and Tattoo (husband).
In hotel nobody comes, but owners remain there because Boas and Tattoo for garnets sell big lots of heroin and the received money send to Owner (To the general from a certain power department).
The trouble begins when it will appear that their partner in sales of heroin of Siko-torpedo (this character we don't see in the play) brought a gift a suitcase in which owe a life two million dollar, but five hundred thousand dollars doesn't suffice that at the local prices makes cost thousand heroin grams.
Family bets start thinking that other couples stole this of money. They well know that the Owner won't forgive them loss five hundred thousand dollars and he is killed all of them.
Boa (wife) compels to the husband, Davy that it too took a stick of golf in hands and let it too will go to kill other couple.
In that too time, Tattoo (husband) compels to the wife, Lily that it too took a stick of golf in hands and let it too went to kill other couples.
Lily (wife of Tattoo) with the stick of golf kills the Boa (wife of Davy).
Davy (husband of Boa) with the stick of golf kills Tattoo (husband of Lily).
When lagged behind the live Lily (the widow of Tattoo) and Devy (widower Boa) from hotel take out corpses, shoes of the killed spouses start knocking on a ladder and Poured and Tattoo start dancing with corpses on a back (The play name from here turns out).
Lily and Davy arrange artificial accident, - will put in the car of the killed Boa and Tattoo, in the same place throw a little money and this car throw in a chasm, - that then so seemed that their spouses were lovers, they stole money of Owner and when escaped with the car, then got to a chasm.
After that Lily (the widow of Tattoo) and Davy (the widower of Boa) become the husband and the wife, and continue to live in hotel.
Owner who will provide proofs comes that accident was is arranged is artificial and he back returned already the money, but only for this purpose doesn't kill Lily and Davy that newlyweds have to liquidate Siko-torpedo.
Both are more dead, Boa and Tattoo are already in heavens where they the teacher of golf have William Shakespeare, and in Solfeggio they are engaged under the direction of the inventor of music notes Guido of Arezzo; Boa and Tattoo thankful at Lily and Davy which to them helped to appear here, in heavens.
Owner who supervised and ruled all these events, is sure that he created more successful play, than his friend William Shakespeare.

* DAVY: a husband, flicks his braces
* BOA: a wife, stamps on the tips of her toes
* TATTOO: the other husband, clinks his beads
* LILY: the other wife, her beads resembling silver coins chink
* OWNER: a general of the Military Forces Department, walks noiselessly


* July 12, 2008 — Radio-theater of Georgia, Director Zurab Kandelaki

* DAVY - Zurab Tsintskiladze
* BOA - Darejan Kharshiladze
* TATTOO - Givi Chuguashvili
* LILY - Mariam Jologua
* OWNER - Revaz Tavartkiladze

Zhikzhikoba: Easter night (menipea one episode), 2009-2010

Constant Rain; or You Will Deny Me (White Troops) (Drama in two acts), 1997

Drama/ 5 Men, 1 Women/ Full length, Two acts 


The War in Abkhazia from 1992 to 1993 was waged chiefly between Georgian government forces on one side and Abkhaz separatist forces supporting independence of Abkhazia from Georgia, Russian armed forces and North Caucasian hired fighters on the other side.

August, 1993. Suburb of the city of Sukhumi, georgia, place of a dislocation of the Chechens military group ‘Jigit’.

Professor Peter Shalikashvili who was looking for his son (Levan) during the Abkhazian war(1992-1993) gets on the party of enemy army connection of Chechens who is at war under the direction of the colonel Ibrahim Bek-Idrisoff.

It appears that Levan Shalikashvili so valorously was at war against enemies of Chechens that colonel Idrisoff declared the an oath that on a grave Levan Shalikashvili is killed his relative; Because of it professor Shalikashvili is compelled to refuse his son as Saint Peter flat denied Jesus of Nazareth three times.


  • PETER SHALIKASHVILI - the professor
  • JERRY ADAMS - vice-colonel, UN supervisor
  • IBRAHIM BEK-IDRISOFF - the colonel
  • COBRA - woman-soldier, the sniper
  • UBAID - soldier-mullah
  • SHARK - soldier 


* February 25, 2005 - Theater from Sukhumi 'The White Wave', Director George Ratiani

Destiny's border (tragicomedy in two acts), 1995

Radio drama

The Spider

Director Badpi Mikashavidze
Sound designer Romeo Ter-Grigorian
Musical issued Lally Seturidze
Casting: Murman Jinoria, Gizo Sikharulidze, Lamzira Chkheidze, Ketevan Gegeshidze, David Dvalishvili, Temur Natsvlishvili, Gia Lezhava, David Uplisashvili, Kakha Gabelaia.

The performance is written down by radio 1990.

Death Of Guaram Mampali

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